Your Favorite Links Newsletter                           April 2008
By Mario Puglia

New Merchants

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Welcome to Your Favorite Links Newsletter


NO! 800 is not referring to the latest Spartan movie. It's the number of merchants we currently have on Your Favorite Links. We've got "Sesame Street Store", "Limited Too" and JLo's new clothing line store "Just Sweet"; not to mention all the theme stores. But we will mention them AGAIN later in this newsletter.

April starts off with a Day for Fools; so let's be carful out there. We've got some great new stores and some even greater new blogs. Can't read it all now? We have a speed reading course especially made for YOU...

Just keep coming back to read more. It's entertaining as much as it is educational. Besides we update our promotions constantly. Don't miss out on a sale because you didn't stop here first.

What's New At Your Favorite Links?
Here's what you'll find at Your Favorite Links:
  • Newsletter - April 2008 Edition
  • New Merchants - Our two themes of merchants are Taxes and Weddings. We have a few new merchants that will be helpful for assisting you with your taxes. We have over a dozen new wedding merchants to make your Special Day even MORE SPECIAL yet.
  • New Services - Can't wait to read the latest blog? Well sign up to get notified anytime a new blog is posted. This way you don't have to read them all at once. You can read as I post them.
    - We also have promotions that you can't find on the stores' website. So look out for this sign:
    in the top of the Description column of that store's promotion.
    - Can't find a promotion for the store you want to shop at? Drop me a line, we may have one. As hard as I try I can't post them all just yet.
  • What's New? - Like our new Weddings category. Did I mention What's New? gets updated everytime we publish the newsletter?.
  • BlogThis! - April's Blogs
    A Foolish Look At April Events - A brief look at Aprils Events for 2008.
    Have you done your taxes yet? - Features some new merchants and helpful services to assist you for preparing your taxes.
    It’s Passover - Let My People Go! - We take a look the biblical origins of this Jewish Holiday.
    Planning A Wedding Day For A June Bride? - With over a dozen new merchants, and a new category to help future brides, we examine how to make your special day, more special.
  • Events - Here are this month's events worth mentioning at Your Favorite Links
    April Fools Day - April 1
    Tax Day - April 15
    Secretary's Week - April 20 - 26
    Passover - April 20
Here are some of the things that will be coming soon:
  • Promo Of Contents - Summary of the Special Promos page with expiration dates that link directly to that promo on the next page.
  • Sub Sub Categories - Additional filtering when you land on a sub category page.
  • Promo Alerts - Special icons to alert you while browsing a merchant if they have a sale(s) on the Special Promos page.
  • The Archives - Past Newsletters and New Merchant List.
  • New Medical Category - To help make it easier to sort things out.
  • Rebates - You'll be able to locate rebates easily on the Special Promos page.

What's Next At Your Favorite Links?

  • May 2008 Newsletter Edition
  • May Day - Thurs, May 1, 2008
  • Cinco De Mayo - Mon, May 5, 2008
  • Mother's Day - Sun, April 15, 2008
  • Memorial Day - May 31, 2008
  • Prom & Graduations

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Happy Shopping!

New Merchants

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